Saturday, October 31, 2009

My First Shiner!!

Yesterday I got up feeling great, excited about the day, baked a cake before 10:00a.m. and started cleaning the house!! I was even enjoying that mundane task until the candlestick and I had a little altercation. As I was dusting our mantel, somehow my left hand bumped the candlestick and the next thing I knew I was "seeing stars"!!! Within two minutes, I had a goose egg on my left eyebrow. I stopped and put ice on it for a little bit, but got back to cleaning, took a shower,etc. As the day went on, the discoloration got worse and I wasn't feeling so hot myself. This morning I made a quick trip to the Walk-In Clinic, had an x-ray to make sure there was no fracture, and was sent home to take it easy. Last week, colonoscopy, this week...candlestick. Wonder what's in store for next week...Swine Flu????? Sure hope not! Have a safe and fun Halloween from one scarey looking woman...ME!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

It's One of Those Days!!

Yep! It's one of those days when I love to be at home! It's raining outside and the air is cool....
The water is splashing and dancing on the patio outside the kitchen...

As I look out my kitchen window, I'm dreaming of homemade vegetable soup, muffins, hot coffee, and cookies! Mmmmmmmmm!!!

That dream is shattered as I look at what is waiting for me today, tomorrow and Friday morning!! I would rather have a root canal than to prepare for this event. For those of you under 50 who have not had the privilege yet, it is called a COLONOSCOPY. So, my friends, here is my diet until noon on Friday!! DO you feel my pain????? Please, I need some sympathy!! Do I hear an Amen????

But I will try to handle this like an adult, drink my broth and Rejoice in spite of it all!!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Feelings of Fall!

Fall always conjures up many feelings in me. Most of them are good, but some are a bit melancholy. I really miss my girls in the fall because of so many great memories of football games, volleyball travels, pep rallies, trick or treating when they were little, etc., etc.! However, I do love the season and the beautiful scenery it brings.I love looking out my front door as I sit in my living room and seeing the pumpkins and other fall things I have on my front porch.
On the other side, I love walking up to my front door because, well, it just looks so "fallish" !!!

A bale of hay, sweet potato vine and pumpkins greet me.

Pretty fall wreaths!

Now that's a PUMPKIN!!!

I love this!

A wall pocket with fall foliage and of course, a stone bird. I do have a bird fettish!

Not too fallish, but the rains have really made my coleus flourish.

The butterflies have arrived and my sweet little neighbor is trying to get them to fly so I can get some pics.

Well, we had to settle for a still shot. Aren't they pretty???
Yep, fall is a beautiful time of year and I love it, even tho I miss my girls a bunch!!! What do you like about fall??? Let me know!!

Monday, October 12, 2009

Quaint Marketplace

The Second Annual Quaint Marketplace.....and that, my friends, explains where I have been and what I have been doing for the past several weeks. Getting "my stuff" ready for this event was hard on this old girl, but in the end, it was great fun! Several of my friends who follow my blog emailed me to see if I was OK, since I had not blogged for several weeks. Thanks for checking on me, pals. Ahhh, to feel loved and missed!!! OK, back to the Marketplace. At the last minute, we had to move our location from Jana's beautiful backyard to a more protected area. (due to rain) Homer and Rhonda Hillis graciously let us use the warehouse at their store, Hannah Jane. We went from a lush, garden setting to warehouse funky. It was a great day and fun was had by all. The pics below tell the story of the day. I don't think my camera was on the correct setting, but at least you can get a glimpse into what it was all about! Also, I APOLOGIZE profusely to those whose booths I did not get photographed. Molly, I KNOW I took pics of your fabulous pillows but where in the world did my camera put them??? So many other fun vendors,but for the moment, this is all I have to show. Enjoy!Welcome!!!!
Even a place to leave your stuff!

Yummy food and drinks.

Distinguished guests....Kind of scarey,huh??

Nancy's fabulous birdcage! Yes, I am still mad that I didn't know it was FOR SALE and it slipped out the door!

My vintage Bingo Cards turned into fun greeting cards.

Clipboards become wall art with vintage bird prints.

Brandy's wonderful works of art. So talented!

My new friend from Pearland brings her sweet frames,etc. to add to our Market.

More of Nancy's "Good Stuff".

Mary's handpainted magnets. These went like hotcakes.

Sweet little dresses from antique pillowcases. My picture does not do them justice.

Jana's precious burp cloths

Pam's creations. So fun!

"I love this, don't you??

"Chick Magnets"
Ornaments from the past.