Tuesday, May 25, 2010

It's That Time of Year....

when I need to do some SPRING cleaning in my booth, so
I am having a BIG sale!! Yep, everything in the booth is a whopping 20% off thru Labor Day!
Lots of goodies from which to choose

a gift or treasure...just for you! Furniture, shabby treasures and more...

will be waiting for you when you walk thru the door!!!!
Happy Shopping!!
By the way, a BIG announcement is coming soon.........
Stay tuned to my blog and you will see
Just exactly what it may be!!!!!

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Sugar and Spice...

and everything nice!!! That's what my new little friend is all about. Meet Carter, my friend Roxanne's precious granddaughter. What a sweetheart!! I had so much fun getting to visit with her while she was in town staying with her "Roxie". She came to our paint class and was so cute painting and entertaining herself while Roxanne taught our class. The day she and Roxanne were leaving to go out of town, I dropped by to tell her goodbye and got to take a few pics of her with Roxanne's dogs. Isn't she darling? I can't wait till she comes back to Abilene!! Look at that smile!!
So cute!

My favorite!

Friday, May 21, 2010


This past week I visited Relics to check out a headboard and nightstand for Josh and Emily. It had been awhile since I had been in the store and WOW, was I ever in for a treat when I entered the doors. I have always loved Relics but they are definitely taking a "turn" in their decorating style. There were a few moments I felt like I was visiting "Anthropologie", a fabulous clothing and home decor store and my personal all time favorite. After looking around, I decided I would come back with my camera in order to get some good pics for Josh and Emily, as well as share with you. So, here they are!!
Heavy, pine headboards they will paint and distress to suit your taste. Lots of colors to choose from and the finishes are wonderful!


Cute red sofa

Rugs,rugs,rugs!! Lots of styles and patterns to select from!!

Painted chest..... Love it!

So pretty!! The pic does not do it justice!

They even carry a fabulous line of bedding, pillows, etc. The best part is that the prices are very reasonable!
Trust me, do yourself a favor and visit Relics when you have chance. Ask for Abby...She was so helpful and full of creative energy. I can't wait to go back!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Missing in Action!

Yep, I guess you could say I have been missing in action for the past three months. I can't believe it has been that long......even more amazing than that, I can't believe that I actually had a few people miss my blog. Thank you, friends. Well, I guess my last post mentioned that we were going to Maui.....and that we did. It was beautiful and a great trip. Not only did Mark win that trip, but he won another one that took us to Puerta Villarta, Mexico. Sandwiched in between the two trips was out-of-town company, Easter. and a wedding shower at my house. We left for Mexico on April 15th and returned home VERY SICK on April 19th. I won't gross you out with the details, but it definitely took a toll on both of us, as well as several of our friends who were on the trip. Things are now back to normal and life is clicking right along! I thought I would post some pics documenting all of the events, but now I just think I will leave things as is and not try to go back through pictures, etc. I will just begin anew with today and promise to keep blogging!Happy to be back !!!!!