Friday, February 27, 2009

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

This past Wednesday was sunny, 90 degrees, beautiful blue skies and I WANTED to GET OUT OF THE HOUSE. I called my friend Susan and off we went to the big city of Anson to check out some of their little antique stores. Below is a recap of our afternoon and the great time we had! Afterall, sometimes girls just wanna have fun!

It's not the prettiest drive in the world, but a fun one when you're with a friend!

Great stores....and you can tan,too!

Some of our goodies for Susan's store and my space at Palazzo!

A trip to Sonic on the way home and a wave goodbye to my sweet friend.


Anonymous said...

I love your blog Jo Carol! Your kitchen and dining room are sooo pretty, I love your taste.

Thanks for peeking in at our blog and letting me know of yours.
Great name!!!

Phyllis said...

Loved the tanning sign! Brought back memories of when we "baked" out in your yard with olive oil poured all over us! Remember how your mom would bring us Tabs to drink.

Phyllis said...

I forgot to add that in high school we would have headed to Horton's Drive In instead of a Sonic!

mary said...

The tanning sign is the best! Made me laugh out loud.

Nancy Elaine said...

I really enjoyed getting to visit with you in Abilene this trip. You will have to make it my way soon!

Clint said...

If you want to do some real antiquing you will have to come see us in Fredericksburg.

Sad thing is I had Cindy’s cassette back in the 80’s.