Thursday, June 18, 2009

I Know It's June.....

but let me tell you about May! May was an extremely busy month for me in a lot of different areas. Weddings, showers, work, moving our booth, bridal luncheon at my home,etc. Two of the weddings (We had 4 in one week!) were extra special to our family. Below is a picture of Emily with Stacy Upton on her wedding day. Stacy and Emily met in middle school at ACHS and played volleyball together for 6 years. We became great friends with her parents and developed such special memories with them throughout those years. In fact, Stacy's dad married Josh and Emily a year ago May. We love her like a daughter and pray God's richest blessings over her and her sweet husband Garrett. Stacy's wedding was at 2:00 p.m on May 23 and Emily was her matron of honor. I mention this because at 6:00 p.m. that evening, Emily was an honor attendent in another wedding.......and it was in Weatherford. Read on!!

The next wedding we went to was Meredith Carter and Chris Lancaster's event in Weatherford at the Texas Star Ranch.(about 2 1/2 hours from Abilene) We left Stacy's wedding by 3:00 and watched Emily run from the car to the Lodge to change into her dress for Meredith's ceremony. It was a beautiful outdoor wedding and a lot of fun. The dog you see below is the groom's cake which was a BIG surprise to the groom. It is a replica of his beloved dog and was quite tasty,too. I had a piece of his paw!! The next pics are of Josh,Emily,Meredith and Chris during the reception.We have known Meredith since birth and dearly love her and her family . We look forward to making lots of future memories with these sweet couples!!

So we made it to both of these special events and had a wonderful time. We spent the night in Weatherford with Josh and Emily and got up the next morning to celebrate Emily's 23rd birthday. It was definitely a weekend (and a month) to remember!!

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Emily said...

Ahh what fun weddings :) I wish I could be back at both of them, they were so much fun! Thanks for taking such great pictures :)