Friday, August 20, 2010

Today's Treasure!

My good friend, Carol Casey, and her daughter-in-law,Krissy, and I went to garage sales this morning from 7:30 to noon. We had a blast and found some great "treasures". I was going to take a picture of the inside of her car after our shopping, but was a bit embarrassed to let the world know much we had stuffed into her vehicle. Trust me, not another thing could have fit!! My favorite find was these old, metal chairs. I just kept thinking they looked like crayolas with their bright primary colors. I also found a turquoise pair of Justin boots (for me) but they will have to be sold in my booth because my instep was too high to fit in them. They are a size 7 1/2 B. My next most loved item was a large wooden piece full of cubby holes. Needs a little "shoring up" in the back and then to my booth it will go!! Carol had some great finds, too, and you can see them at her booth at Palazzo Reale on Butternut. Just look for the cutest booth and that's hers!! I am still at Classic Collections and have 2 booths. One is full of color and the other one is basically white and cream. Come on over for a peak!! Have a great weekend!!


Denise Marie said...

what a terrific pic

Lorene Halfmann said...

Enjoyed meeting you the other day in the store! You are a delightful person and your booths are so cute--I really enjoyed looking at them!