Monday, March 5, 2012

Oh My!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

As I mentioned in my last post, I am closing my booth at Classic Collections. On Saturday I dropped by there to take a few things I had in my garage and do an overall "fluff" of my space. The store was very busy and a couple of shop owners from out of town visited my booth. By 4:00, I had sold almost every piece of furniture from my space, along with smaller items, too. Wow!  I wasn't expecting that! Since it is so early in the month and my rent is paid till the end of March, I think I will continue to do a major cleanout at home, in the garage, etc. for anything else I am ready to sell!  Who knows?? I may just have to  hit a garage sale or two!


Anonymous said...

You crazy kid!! What's your next adventure? "Vuncology"???

Roxanne said...

Jo Carol! What a surprise! You did a great job with you booths! I also know it's a lot of work. Finding, cleaning, tagging, loading and unloading, arranging, etc., can be exhausting! Yet I know you are not one to eat "bon bons". So. Ill be anxiously awaiting your next adventure...hopping down the bunnytrail. :)

Big hug!

Brenda's Blog said...

Jo Carol!!! What is going on with you? I miss you...talking with you...we need to have a pow wow!!! I just went to Round Top this last week w/a friend from my antique mall...what fun!!! I had never been...needless to say ..I loved it!!! ;0) I talked to LuAnn the other day...all is well! They are putting their house on the market! She loves her new boss! ;0) Please...keep blogging!!! Love your post!!! Love you!!! Brenda