Sunday, June 8, 2008


Caroline Casey took the fun pictures that you see below. She is an up and coming photograher "extraordinaire". She and Emily have been friends since birth and is like a daughter to me! Isn't she beautiful???? Our main photographer, Lindsey Cotton, did an out standing job and we can't wait to see all of her pics. Go to and click on "blog" for some of the ones that she just posted.After the wedding pics she took, scroll down a little further and there are a few of the bridal portraits,too.


Clint said...

I was going to harass you but with pictures of such beautiful (inside and out) offspring I will have to give you a break, for now.

Flower said...

Hello Jo Carol! I'm glad you stopped by to meet me and leading me to your lovely blog. Having a daughter get married is magical and sentimental!! Your daughter is beautiful and her wedding looks like it was very memorable! Seeing it all come together must have been very joyful!!