Tuesday, September 9, 2008

It's Raining, 63 degrees and the Soup's On!

Today we had our first hint of fall! It rained a whopping 2 1/2 inches at our house last night and it has been raining off and on all day. The best part is the temperature is 63 degrees, my air conditioner is off and my windows are rolled out and open!! Would you believe I'm kind of chilly?? Needless to say, it's a "soup kind of day"! I just went to the store and got the ingredients for Tortilla Soup....one of my family's favorite. So tonight, Mark and I will be having it for dinner and I would love to share my recipe with those of you that don't have it. I think you'll love it!
Tortilla Soup
Brown 1lb. of hamburger meat, chopped onion, and 1tsp of garlic. Drain
Add 3 cans of chicken broth, 1 can of stewed tomatos, 1 can of tomato sauce, 1 tsp. cumin, 1tsp. sugar, 1/2 tsp. pepper, 1/2 tsp. tobasco sauce, 1/2 tsp. Worcestershire sauce, and 1/2 can of chopped green chilies.
Simmer for 1 hour.
Serve over tortilla chips with grated cheese and chopped avocado.


molly said...

sounds great i will be over! Ha! love the new look on your blog! I am loving this rain its nesting weather!

Flower said...

Ahhh..Rain!! The soup recipe will come in handy..I'll add it to my rainy day recipes!! Thanks!
Keep doing the collages..they are so pretty and they are as different as people! Each one has a personality and speaks clearly!

mary said...

I love your new blog look! And the soup! And the weather! I should have stayed and eaten with you and Mark!

Nancy Elaine said...

I LOVE your new blog look!! How did you do that?? Looks fab...

Wase... said...

That sounds delicious!! I will definitely try it. Thank you. I'm always looking for quick yet yummy recipes. By the way-I love running into you at church:)