Saturday, September 6, 2008

A Few Creations

Just thought I would show you a few of "my originals" that I have put in our space at Palazzo Reale. Nothing great, but they are original and I had lots of fun doing them. I took pictures of decorative nests I had around the house, Mark made color copies of them for me, and then I used them in several of the collages. I also used vintage jewelry, scrabble tiles, and several other pieces of miscellaneous items that I thought would work in the overall look. Enough they are!


Flower said...

Your collages are very pretty and have such sweet messages! Nests are something to notice and treasure! What kind of base to do you start with when making a collage and how large are they. Do you hang them on a wall?
How are you liking your new creative space at home and how is the shop space coming? middle name is Carol! :)

Joshua Barnes said...

Mom I love them! You are so creative...I wish I had some time to let my creative juices spill! (How ironic since I had way TOO much time this summer and never got around to being 'creative!') Love you!

molly said...

Those are darling! Are you going to have some at the SPQOA market day? Keep up the creative juices.