Sunday, November 2, 2008

It's About Time!

Saturday, I worked at the BEST little gift and antique store in Abilene! As the story goes, the husband of one of the owners told her "It was about time to get all of her junk out of the garage!"...thus was born(in the mid 1990's) a wonderful little junk, antique, shabby chic gift store called "It's About Time". Abilene women have grown to love this place and the three lovely ladies that run it. It is a place of inspiration,warmth and pure bliss to the soul and spirit. I have been blessed to know these women and occasionally work for them when I am needed. Although the store was hopping with business yesterday, I was able to take a few pictures to share with my blogger friends. Their Christmas Open House is next Saturday, Nov. 8th, and it should be a really fun event!! Hope to see you there!!

Charming and elegant, pearl covered birdies! They have little clips attached so you can clip them anywhere! I have one on top of a birdcage in my dining room! Wouldn't they be cute clipped all over a shabby chandelier?!?

A beautiful fall table set for a feast!

I love the turquoise shutter!

The little room that is painted black and accessorized with silver and white is so classy!

My personal favorites! Aren't these the cutest little snowmen you have ever seen?

What a sweet Christmas Village !

I love the traditional red and green decorations that greet you when you walk in the door!


Joshua Barnes said...

oh i love the pictures! it looks so different from what i saw last weekend! btw- the cherry crisp turned out wonderful!

Nancy Elaine said...

I wish I could be there! I will miss everyone Thursday at the SPQOH meeting. I am leaving for a Church Retreat Friday and I just can't fit a quick trip to Abilene in between everything that is going on. I am making journals with a travel theme for each of the ladies attending. I am almost done! I could have used your help...

Gardens of Lace said...

Thanks for posting pictures. It made me feel like I was home in Abilene. Wish I was there shopping through the store right now!
Kimberly Law

Flower said...

Great little store! Thanks for sharing it..and do continue!
The Turqoise shudders are very nice...great color and backdrop to a room!! You are having fun!!!

Erica said...

Sounds fun. Elijah LOVED his "big trucks" He plays with them constantly and wants to take them everywhere. Who knew a garbage truck could be so entertaining!

mary said...

I'm so glad you posted pics of the store - and can't wait to see their new blog!