Monday, March 30, 2009

Happy Birthday, Poncho!

This past weekend we went to Odessa to surprise Josh and Emily while they were there to celebrate Josh's 23rd birthday with his family. We had been planning this for a couple of weeks and I can't believe we didn't let it "slip" that we would be joining them for his birthday party. As soon as we got there around noon on Saturday, we went to a little Mexican food restaurant for lunch. As we finished our meal, the waiters came out with Josh's birthday dessert, placed a sombrero on his head and sang "Happy Birthday, Poncho! It was so funny! Afterwards,we went back to the house and hung out for the rest of the afternoon. Josh opened gifts, we played with precious Rayleigh and cooked out hamburgers for dinner. Next stop, the Community Theater where we saw the musical "Grease". It was a fun weekend and it came to a close all too quickly. Below are pictures to show what a great time we had!

Josh's sister, Krista ,with her beautiful little girl, Rayleigh!

Rayleigh in her new swing and showing off in her Rainforest Bouncy!

Aunt Emily feeding sweet Rayleigh

Josh and Emily at the musical "Grease"

Uncle Josh and sleepy Rayleigh


Anonymous said...

Looks like you had a fun weekend too!

This bloging is really fun. I wish I had more time to post.

I still haven't figured out out how to change playlist background color either. When are you having that blogging get-together?

Also had fun at the Cabi party. Can't wait for it to come in.

Emily said...

Hey mom, we really loved the blog :) We had a great weekend, the pictures were great too!

Roxanne said...

Miss Bunny! Thanks for your comment. First of all, I could tell you weren't your usually 'sunny' self. Please forgive me for not asking. I could have been praying for you. I am sorry.

Tell me about your background paper. Love it!