Sunday, March 22, 2009

Spring Break in Dallas

Last week Emily and Josh invited me to come and visit them in Dallas for a few days during Emily's Spring Break. We had a great time shopping at the Resale Shops (Rethreads and The Clothes Horse), eating out, and just hanging out together. Would you believe I forgot my camera??? Emily took a few pictures for me with her camera but not near as many as I would have been clicking!!! One afternoon we drove through President Bush's new neighborhood and I so wanted to get a picture of his cul-de-sac,but of course the entrance was barricaded and police were everywhere. We visited with them a minute and were attempting to explain what we wanted to do, when the Secret Service (coming from the direction of Bush's home) pulled up in their black SUV and started talking to the police. Time for us to exit, so off we drove. It's a beautiful neighborhood with lots of signs in the yards welcoming home the former President and First Lady. The house you see below was one of our favorites but we were only able to capture a small part of it on camera. Last but not least, I got to see my old roomie and friend Dixie. We visited the store where she works (Bradbury Lane) and had a two hour breakfast together before I left on Friday. A great ending to a great little trip! So much fun packed into a short period of time. "Thank you" Emily, Josh and Dixie for making my trip so special! Love you BUNCHES!!!!

Dixie and I! We have been friends since our days at Texas Tech, roomies while teaching school in Duncanville in the 70's and looking forward to lots more fun in the future! BFF


Emily said...

oh i had such a fun time too! i can't believe spring break is over...ahh back to the real world :) love you and had a great time!

Nana said...

Where was my lipstick when I needed it???

Nancy Elaine said...

Well, I would be mad at you for not coming to see me while you were in the area, except I was up to my eyeballs making windchimes. I might have put you to work!