Saturday, January 15, 2011

A Few More Tweaks.....

This past week I did a little more tweaking in Bunnytrails #2. I just did not like the display I had on this wall. I really needed some shelves of some sort and then I remembered an idea I had seen in December at the Dallas Flea. One of the vendors had painted some boxes white and clipped them together for a really cute look. Soooooooooo, Mark provided me with some great boxes and "Voila"!!!! I have a cute little shelving unit. I arranged them on top of a burlap covered table.It even looks cuter in person!!
I moved this display to the corner and I really like it. Oooops! Fuzzy picture!

This morning I hit a couple of Estate Sales and had so much fun. This metal unit was once used to hold vegetables. It has ventilation holes all over the back and little shelves on the inside door.

The top raises, too

And here it is with the door opened.

This beauty has a handwritten message on the back: name, address, and year. Dated 1914. I ended up keeping this and hanging it with other old mirrors in my bedroom.

Apology #2: Fuzzy picture, again . So sorry. Trying to get a pic of the pretty inside trim.

Great little shopping cart. Always a "hit" at Bunnytrails!

Vintage Bingo Game
The spinner in the middle is metal . So cute!

Sure hope all of these goodies sell.................Fast!


Emily said...

love love LOVE the boxes! great job!

Nancy @ Ella Elaine said...

I am liking your box display. You may see that in my corner booth along with my burlap walls. I think that is a great combo!