Saturday, January 8, 2011

Spiffed Up for the New Year

With the beginning of a New Year comes new inspiration and ideas for my booths at Classic Collections. They now have names: Bunnytrails #1 and Bunnytrails #2. Bunnytrails #1 is my white, industrial looking area, while B.#2 is more of a variety of colored items. I'm also starting to make different types of items out of burlap. My first project are the banners you will see below. My mind has gone crazy as to the many types of seasonal, holiday and personalized banners I could make. Anyway, read on and visit my afternoon at Bunnytrails!! When I walked in the door the Boss was ready to greet me! Oops, that's the Boss's dog, Sadie!
My banner in Bunnytrails #1

A peek inside the booth. This photo makes it look kind of messy, but in real life it really looks pretty cute! Think I need some lessons in photography!

I have a very large, wire tomato cage hanging from the ceiling and it is perfect to display my Valentine banners on.


I got these at an estate sale a few weeks ago. So cute!

I made these tags and they are hanging from an old rusted wire lanpshade.

Cute wire shelf holding some little fan blade covers.

Bunnytrails #2 is full of color....

and more color! See the cute, pink metal ironing board? I think I had one just like it as a little girl!


Janice said...

Both places are just great!!! Can't wait to see them sometime.

Emily said...

Oh I think it looks great mom! Super duper cute!

Nancy @ Ella Elaine said...

I love your new look! I can't wait until I get to Abilene.

Linda said...

Love your booth! How long have you been doing this?