Thursday, July 17, 2008

Bike Riding, Anyone???

Ok, I am married to a biker. No, not a Harley Biker, but one who rides his 21 speed bike during the week,in races, and with friends on long rides early on Saturday morning. Not long ago, he logged in over a hundred miles for the week. Well, I like to ride, too, but my bike no longer fits my 50 something year old body. When the girls were young, we would ride and ride and ride. Well, time for Jo Carol to get another bike, so last Saturday Mark and I took a little trip to Bike Town. We walked in the door and I went one way and Mark went the other. Mark calls me over to the one he wants me to try out, but I have found my new bike. Just what I wanted, fit me perfectly and the color was awesome. Mark has that look on his face like "You've got to be kidding" but after I took a little spin down the street, I knew it was PERFECT!! So here are the pics of me and my new bike!! It is so great and I highly recommend it to any woman who wants a little cruising bike. Comfy seat, large handlebars and great riding. It's called a "Townie".


Clint said...

now all you need is a tatoo

mary said...

I love it! Makes me wish we were both back in the old neighborhood and could ride together. Are you gonna get a basket for Lucy?

Emily said...

haha love the bike! way cute...fits you!