Monday, July 21, 2008

My Space!

I have really been antsy to get my creative workspace in order and "spiffed up". The mood hit me on Thursday to take the plunge and start painting and rearranging. Those two words (painting and rearranging) strike terror in my husband's heart, but he always loves the finished product, so off I went to the paint store. First choice of paint color.....WRONG. Back to the paint store I go for them to tweek it a bit. That is the color you see me painting in the picture below. I really thought it was fine until I got quite a bit on the wall and then I knew it was WRONG,again!! By this time it is Friday night and I was bound and determined to get this color RIGHT. This time, off I go to the garage to find some paint I could mix in with the "almost right" color. YES!! I found some yellow (used for the walls in Stephanie's bedroom) and a great bright green. It got pretty messy trying to get the paint out of the cans, etc. so I had the brilliant idea to grab my soup ladle from the kitchen. I highly recommend this technique...It works great. After dipping and stirring for a bit, I nailed the color I was after. Yippee!! I started painting and finished at l:00 am Saturday morning! In the pics below, you can see how the room looked before I started,then how I looked painting the wrong color, and then the completed project! We love it!


Nancy Elaine said...

I was so excited when I opened your blog and saw where you had posted pictures of your "space"!
It looks wonderful. I know you will be itching to get in there and create now.

CarolineJoy said...

Looks beautiful!! I'm so inspired! :)

luannc said...

I always look forward to your bunny trails and see what new music and inspiring story you share with the rest of us. You bring a smile to my face.