Thursday, August 28, 2008

Some Great Adventures Going On Here!

Instead of writing, I think I will list all of the "stuff going on" with us! Some are "firsts" in our lives and are pretty special,too!!!! we go!!!!!!!!!!!!

1. Stephanie, our oldest daughter, lives in Denver and is watching the Democratic National Convention protesters through the windows of her office building.Now that's a BIG first!!! Quite a bit of craziness going on all around her as she goes to and from work! Be careful Steph!

2. Emily, our youngest, started teaching 1st grade in Addison this past Monday. I went in last week to help her get her classroom ready. So much fun! She will be a great teacher!

3. Mark, my hubby, was just honored (for the first time ever)with the quarterly Small Business Award here in Abilene. We had a reception at his office just this morning! It was very humbling for him to receive this, although I truly believe he is quite deserving of it! Congratulations, honey!

4. This is the first time in 22 years that I have not had a "child in school". I still get nostalgic when I walk down the school supply aisle! Sigh.............

5. We have our first son-in-law who we think is "pretty special" and who's being a great help and support to Emily as she starts her new job. Thanks Josh!
Each one of these things are definately life adventures that God has given us for today , some for years, and others for a lifetime! May we all follow our "Leader" in whatever adventure He takes us on!


Flower said...

What a wonderful life you have! I just love the teacher profession and seeing your daughter sitting at her desk is so great!! I'm sure setting up her room was so much fun!!
Congrats to your hubby!!
Being an emty nester is takes a while to get use to it but you will!! The kids do come home and that is the best, too!!

Flower said...

My secret to growing lush flowers is simply in the chickens! :) That's all. Every year I learn more about the sunlight/shade issue and what each plant needs, too.

Emily said...

i like this blog post :) Thanks for helping me set up my room! I love the Steven Curtis Chapman music :)