Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Hello Project...Part ll

I have the table and 4 chairs painted with Benjamin Moore's "Indian White". They look great but man am I tired! I have the last foor chairs primed and ready to paint. Guess where I'm headed??? Back to the garage to paint!! See ya later!


molly said...

Did you just prime your table or did you use liquid sandpaper on it or did you ruff it up? full of questions - I am! I have a maple tea cart that I want to do the same thing to - but it is very shiny! Let me know what you did it looks great!

Jo Carol said...

Thanks so much! Roxanne is coming over tomorrow to help me decide what I should do next. I may just leave them like they are (all smooth and pretty) rather than rough them up and rub a little stain on them. Ok, this is what I did.
1. I wiped them off real well with 409, just to get any dirt, oil, etc. off of them.
2. Next, I painted on a coat of STIX from Benjamin Moore. STIX is your primer and causes your paint to stick!!It is wonderful. Let it dry overnight.
3.I painted them with B.Moore's "For Kitchens and Baths" Acrylic Satin Finish in "Indian White". Ask for Dave...He helped me and was great!!The Indian White he mixed for me was his version of the color. I don't know what he did to it, but it's great. Call me if you have any questions. Just be sure and talk to him, tho. He is Roxanne's bud!
4. If you decide to stain them, do that next. THe next day, you will need to seal everything with a dull or satin waterbase sealer.

I can't wait to seal mine and be done. Everything really looks pretty and I am so happy it turned out like I had visioned!!