Thursday, October 2, 2008

Quaint Marketplace!

I am a member of SPQOH (Society for the Preservation of Quaint Old Homes) It was started in 1969 by a group of women who lived in older homes and helped each other "fix them up". A lot of these women no longer live in old homes, but they still love them and are there to "cheer on" those in the group who are following in their footsteps. We meet once a month, tour each others homes, go on field trips and just enjoy being together. With all of that said, we had our first ever "Quaint Marketplace" today at one of our member's beautiful home on the creek. Several of our members, including myself, decorated our tables, brought our "Goods" and set up "Shop". Members and friends attended and it was a HUGE success!! Fleamarket at its finest! We even had complimentary hotdogs,chips and cookies for the shoppers. Thanks Terrie for some great hotdogs. My pictures are just a glimpse of the fun and beautiful setting that we had. If you will check My Favorite Blog links, click on Gracious Goodness, Roxanne the Artist, Ella Elaine or Molly B's for more posts about the event. I don't know when they will post, but I know their posts and pics will add to mine. Anyway, it was a fun filled day for us girls!! Thank you EVERYONE for making this event happen!!!!!!


Flower said...

That is just about the most charming "to do" I've ever seen. I have so many questions going through my many people came..was it invite only...where was it held? I see Mary and her things...wish I could have come!!
Your friends sound like a fun group and inspiring also!
Nice Fall background to your blog!!

mary said...

Wasn't that fun?!

Roxanne said...

Hey girl! What fun we had! I must say you were a bright spot in the Marketplace! I love your warm enthusiam! You are a gifted encourager. I love you.

Eunice Spurlock said...

JoCarol, finally, I've taken time to catch up with your blogs, and so very interesting and I hope you have had a successful time, everything looked so pretty and I love to read all you all are doing.
Love you, Eunice

Suzanne said...

Oh, how I would have loved it! Maybe another time! And I love your "fall" entry! And I love YOU!