Monday, December 1, 2008

Friends and Family

Driving to the Gregory's country home.

Mary and David cooking the Thanksgiving meal!

Friends Forever...Stephanie, Elizabeth and Anna! Mimi and Stephanie

Friends and Family...Family and Friends!! This Thanksgiving we spent our time with Mark's mom, our daughters and our new son in law, as well as a host of great friends. On Thanksgiving day, we went to the home of our longtime friends, David and Mary Gregory, for a fabulous Thanksgiving feast in the country. Then on Saturday evening, we went to the Carters for Beverly's homemade pizza and lots of fun! The Gregorys, Carters and us have all raised our kids together, been through thick and thin together, vacationed and gone to church together, etc. Our kids love each other and it is so fun to see them as young adults having fun with all of us. As I sat back and viewed all of this, I realized how thankful I am for these special people and how much they mean to me. Thank you, family and friends, for a wonderful Thanksgiving. I love you!


mary said...

Well, I'm crying. I'm so thankful for the times we can be together and we can say all the same about you and your family. So glad your kitchen was out-of-order this Thanksgiving! Love you...

Flower said...

What memories you have made! Thanks for sharing your loved ones and introducing me to the your fun!
You have been's a simple one and easy! Come on over. :)