Sunday, October 16, 2011

Oh What a Beautiful Morning!

The other morning I walked out to get in the car and the sky just took my breath away. The air was cool and crisp and the sky was exceptionally bright blue. I grabbed my camera, took a pic and proceeded to just look around the yard for a minute. It seemed as if the cool temp and the rain we had last weekend just made everything look so pretty and happy!The blue sky was beautiful with the puffy white clouds. Wish I could have captured the entire sky with my camera! the contrast between the hot pink and bright green
Morning glories lifting their faces to to sun.
 Knockout Roses .. still blooming away. The bush is actually very large and full of beautiful roses. If you have not tried this variety of rosebushes, I really encourage you to do so next spring!! If they can tolerate the heat of this past Texas summer, they can tolerate anything!!

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Brenda's Blog said...

Hi Jo Carol!
Getting ready for Hico...can't wait!!! I will be there Friday and will try to fnd you...LuAnn is not coming until Friday eve. then we will be back Saturday and visit then as well! I am donating some family pics and things to the museum in Hico also while I am there!!! Excited about that too!!! ;0)

I love the blue sky and beautiful flowers from your post!!! Awesome, I love that you took time to just look around and take it all in...we need to do that more in life! Hugs...