Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Let the fun Begin!!!!

Well, it's finally here,,the Hico Antique Market, that is. Here is the trailer we are taking and it is full to the brim...all 22 feet of it!! A very good friend is allowing us to use his trailer and Mark and Brent will drive down and help unload it. Yeah for helpful husbands!!

The trailer is at Carol's house and so is all of our stuff! These are pics prior to loading, of course.
Love those birdcages!
Stuff ......
and more stuff!
The Market is Friday and Saturday in the cute little town of Hico, on Highway 6 towards Waco. Would love to see you there!!

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glenda said...

i LOVE LOVE LOVE my 'time flies' magnet.. sophie had such a fun time w/emily..... thanks sooooo much for all your kindnesses......hope to see you soon..... glenda