Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Cute! Cute! Cute!

For many reasons, Halloween is not one of my favorite holidays, BUT I do love seeing the children dressed up and excited about their treats! Having said that, the porch was ready, the pumpkin was lit, and I helped out Walgreens' sales by purchasing a lot of candy!!! About the time I had everything ready,
I look up and see this coming down the street! Kids and parents filled this flatbed truck. It was so cute!
What a clever way to trick or treat. Everyone of them had kind words and "thank yous" as they left my front porch.
As it got a little darker, this table, complete with place settings with spaghetti and meatballs , showed up at my door. Is that not priceless or what??? The trick or treaters kept coming and coming, until all of the candy was gone and I was scrambling to find goodies in the pantry.
This is all I could come up with but it was appreciated by a cute little goblin! However, the cutest of the evening was my new little neighbor who came to my side patio earlier in the evening.
 I asked him if I could take his picture and he was quite cooperative!
He posed....
and he posed...........
and he posed some more!! What a precious little guy.


Emily said...

love it!! sounds way more fun than our trick-or-treaters!

Brenda's Blog said...

AOh how sweet, love your little neighbor guy! Just want to hug him!
Your porch looks so inviting, I wanted to trick or treat!!! HA! I am in awe of the sphegetti table!!! Thanks for sharing...so creative people can be!!! Love the hay ride trick or treaters as well! Fun! That is what it should be...FUN!!!

Brenda's Blog said...

Ok, I really can spell, most of the time...Spaghetti? Not sure where the A came from in front of OH..I'm tired...lol