Sunday, February 26, 2012

Springtime...Just Around the Corner!

The other day I went into Gary's Floral and saw this beautiful potted English ivy that just screamed "Spring" to me.  The florist told me this ivy would do great indoors with just a little bit of light. Bingo! I decided it was a "must" to use on my mantel, since I was in the mood to start changing to more of a Springtime look.
Here was the inspiration I decided to work from. I placed the ivy on a large concrete candle holder and  then took off from there!
Gotta have a nest in there somewhere!
I even tucked one in the wing of my sweet angel!
Added some canvas bird prints.....
I really love how it all came together and suggests that Spring is just around the corner!!  What do you think??? Any suggestions???  Should I leave the nest on the left side or take it off????  Would love to know your thoughts!!!  

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