Friday, February 24, 2012

Weekend in Dallas

Last week, Mark was in Dallas several days for work and I drove in and picked him up on Friday.  When I pulled into a parking space at the hotel, I looked to my left and this is what I saw on the car window. 
Can you believe it??  Her husband was walking out to the car and I told him that my name was Jo Carol, also. We walked back into the hotel and I got to meet the "other Jo Carol". She was so sweet and we got a big kick out of meeting each other!!
Arriving at Emily and Josh's and loving on Abby!! Mark took the picture so he's missing in this one, but he was THERE!

Attended a beautiful wedding at Prestonwood Baptist Church Chapel on Saturday morning. The bride was a former empoloyee of Mark's.

Newlyweds, Steven and Kaitlyn
We went to church at Watermark on Sunday morning and said our goodbyes to Josh and Emily after the service. We had a great time spending the weekend with them just relaxing, shopping and eating!!!
Last, but not least, we went to Coppell to see our long-time friends, Dick and Delana Attaway.  Right before Christmas,DeLana was diagnosed with Glioblastoma brain cancer....... This is the same type of cancer that Matt Chandler (pastor of the Village Church) had over a year ago!! She is now in her 4th week of daily chemo and radiation and she has not been sick one time!!! Unbelieveable! DeLana is one of the most amazing people I know...always smiling, always encouraging others, and loving and serving her Jesus with great passion. She has taught school in Coppell for quite a while and is loved by so many people! The community of Coppell has already had two large fund raisers for her to help with medical bills, etc. What a delight it was to get to see this precious friend!


Roxanne said...

Jo Carol! It's so nice to read your story's and see new pics! I'm glad you had a nice weekend! I love you!

Emily said...

So fun!!! Glad you guys came :)

Brenda's Blog said...

Wow...what a wonderful trip you had!!! were only 15 mins. from ME!!! OH, I would have loved for you to come by for a bit!!! Next time you are this way (Dallas/FtWorth) let me know and maybe we can catch up a little!!! Sounds like you had an wonderful time...Good For You!!! Love the sweet pictures! Prayers for your friend in Coppell!!! (((Hugs)))