Sunday, August 10, 2008

Give Me the Simple Life!

This past week I was under the weather with some sort of a bug! At first I thought I had gotten way too hot last weekend, but as other symptoms surfaced, I decided it was really a bug. Feeling under the weather kept me from doing any serious work on our booth, but on Friday morning I did go out and "shop" at a few garage sales in the country...and I mean country. It was a great experience, in more ways than one. I don't live in the country, but it was so fun to experience the "country life" for a couple of hours. I so wish I had brought my camera to record the things I saw that made me smile! Instead, I will just list my top ten favorites!
1. A sign on a tree that said "Jackass for sale...$50.00
2. Two pieces of furniture that I bought for 50 cents each!!
3. A cute elderly couple walking down a dirt driveway, holding hands and carrying their newly purchased weedeater.
4. Homebaked goodies spread out on an old table....cookies, fried pies, cakes and brownies, oh my!
5. A longhorn steer looking at me as I shopped, a horse neighing in the next pen, and a lady trying to get me to buy her pot bellied pig!
6. A playpen full of little white, Maltese puppies for sale.
7. People talking with the thickest West Texas accents you ever heard.
8. Seeing lots and lots of Christian books, home school curriculums and Bibles.
9.Hearing kids say yes ma'am and no ma'am and thank you!!
10. A nice teenage boy moving boxes of books over to the shade so I could sit down and look at them comfortably.

It was truly a fun time and sweet experience! Just give me the simple life!


Nancy Elaine said...

I feel so blessed to have a friend who can actually "Stop and smell the roses".

Love you and miss you,

Emily said...

Sounds like a blast..I wish I could have been there with you! PS..doesn't sound anything like what I've seen in Dallas!

molly said...

Amen to that - The simple life is the greatest. I am glad you took time to enjoy it!

CarolineJoy said...

I agree. What an inspiring post! Finding joy in simplicity makes life seem so much richer!