Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Palazzo Reale

Just wanted to post a few pics from our new space at

Palazzo Reale. We have quite a few items but a whole lot

more are on the way! Everything is priced and we are

ready for business!!! The entire area for the vendors is starting to take shape and is looking better everyday!! Drop in when you have a chance!!! Think you will like it!!!!!


Emily said...

Hi mom! Josh & I love your new booth! It looks great :) I wish I could come see it...when does it officially 'Open'?

Nancy Elaine said...

I like it! It is always good to have a reason to go garage sale hunting...

Flower said... have been busy!! I like hearing about this new adventure and seeing your ideas come together! You and Mary will have a lot of fun together.
Show more when you can!! :))

Suzanne said...

My creative friends! What "gifts" you have! Can't wait to visit the new booth! :)