Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Garage Sale Find!

When my friend and I went garage sale shopping a couple of weeks ago, I spotted several of these windows. The prettiest one was arched shape and then this one was next. The price was unbelievable (low,of course) but I knew I had to have a place to put it to justify buying it. I was about to give up trying to figure out where it could go when Susan looked at me and said "The large window in your bathroom...It would be perfect there!!!!" Ok, get out the checkbook and figure out what I am going to tell Mark. My brain was really thinking by now and I decided it would be the perfect Mother's Day gift for me! When I got home and started unloading the car, his eyes did get a bit large, but he really did like the purchase. Once hung in the window, we both agreed it was perfect for the spot and a treasure I love! Thanks, honey! Great gift!!!!!

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susan said...

I'm way impressed that you have figured out this blog thing! Maybe in my next life I'll become miraculously computer literate! PEACE and JOY are my prayers for you in these next 3 weeks. Remember that sweet memories are in the making! Susan