Friday, May 16, 2008

I Love Lucy

I grew up watching the show "I Love Lucy" with Lucille Ball. My mom and I loved to sit and laugh at the crazy redhead as she got herself into some of the most ridiculous situations known to man. When I had my girls, we also watched the show and laughed like crazy. We STILL love to watch the old reruns and no matter how many times we have seen them (and I have seen them all) we laugh and laugh!!! It was only fitting that when I bought my 50th birthday present (not so long ago....OK, five years to be exact)I knew exactly what I wanted to name I did!!! Please meet one of the loves of my life.....Lucy!!!!! Oh, by the way, did I tell you she makes us laugh and smile all the time???

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Nancy Elaine said...

I just had an "I Love Lucy" moment in the front yard with a garden hose. I don't remember an episode with Lucy and a hose, but we would all be laughing at her just like the workers across the street from me were getting their daily dose of humor watching me tangle with the hose.
Love your blog!