Saturday, May 24, 2008

Happy Birthday Emily

This is the Birthday girl in her Birthday apron!! Pretty cute,huh??? We cooked out hotdogs for lunch and had queso and chips with Dr. Pepper. No birthday cake, just cupcakes! Notice the 22 on the cupcakes...her age, no doubt!! I guess the most significant thing about this birthday is that it is her last one as Emily Spurlock. At this time next Saturday, she will be Emily Barnes...but for today, we can continue to say, " Happy Birthday Emily Spurlock".


Suzanne said...

OK! I'm not good at this yet! I just realized that I left my comment on the wrong entry! The "raspberry tea" comment was supposed to be left on THIS entry! :)

winstonbot said...

just thinking about you and hoping you are not in the panic will all be beautiful..dont sweat the small stuff...enjoy the time!!