Monday, September 19, 2011

40 Year High School Reunion

Mark and I just returned from our 40 Year High School Reunion in Kilgore, Texas. We graduated in 1971 in a classs of about 230. Mark moved to Kilgore in 5th grade and I lived there my entire life. Our class was special and the friendships went deep......and they still do. Starting at our 10 Year Reunion, we have had a Reunion every 5 years . We've attended all but one, and have loved them all. Our lovely Senior year pics

Jackie, Mark and Danny. Old football buddies from KHS days.
Loved seeing my BFF... Phyllis, who now lives in Longview. We were cheerleaders together our
senior year.
Here we were back in 1971....
and here we are 40 years later.(except for Sandy!) It was close to midnight when this picture was taken and we all look a little tired! What a great group of friends. Can't wait till I see you again!


Janice said...

Wow, looks like a great time. Glad you were able to go!

Phyllis said...

It was great seeing you at our reunion. I will always cherish our friendship!

Roxanne said...

Oh Jo Carol! I LOVED the pictures of you and
Mark when you were young!
...and your black and white cheerleader pic was
awesome. I'm do happy, I just did a little
"hercie" jump! .....just a little one with one leg straight
and one leg bent.

Emily said...

Love how you incorporated the "old" pics too :) Super cute!

Brenda's Blog said...

Jo this blog! What great pics...glad you are keeping the spirit going! What great friends and classmates! Good for you!!! ;0) It was fun to see!