Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Meet Bella Grace!

Just want all of you to meet my new great niece, Bella Grace. She was born last Thursday and came into this world at a whopping 10lbs.5oz. Her parents are my nephew, Brad, and his wife Amy! Congratulations on such a perfect and beautiful baby girl!!!!

While Amy and Bella were taking it easy at the hospital, I got to hang out with this cutie pie. Brooklyn is three and the official Big Sister. She got to stay with us for three, fun- filled days!
We had so much fun coloring, playing games, hiding eggs, watching movies, going to fun places like Chuck E. Cheese and oh yes, going to the hospital to visit Mommy and Baby Sister. Thank you Brooklyn for coming to visit me. I loved it!


Brenda's Blog said...

Precious!!! What fun!!! Congratulations to a beautiful family! ;0)

Brenda's Blog said...

Hi Jo Carol!
Thank you for your sweet comment!
Yes, we have a mutual friend in LuAnn...she did direct me to your blog...and I love it!!! LuAnn and I go way back...High School, She was maid of honor at my wedding and our kids played together when little, went to same church in Justin, TX...I am sooooo excited to go to Hico Fair...I will definately find you and introduce myself...actually LuAnn may be coming with me! HA! Maybe we could have dinner there one night or something??? Can't wait!!! ;0) Brenda

Janice said...

Jo Carol, Thanks for all your help. The kids are blessed to have you and Mark so close. Thanks again,Nana

mary said...

So cute! All three of you!!

Roxanne said...

Hi Jo Carol! So glad your back! Your nieces are adorable ! So happy you got to have fun!
Love you!