Saturday, September 24, 2011

Getting Ready for Hico

First of all , let me say this: This is my FOURTH time to do this post with all of these pictures!!!!! Somehow, everytime I would get ready to publish it, the post would be deleted. If it deletes this time, you may be reading about a woman who snapped and shot her computer. With all of that said, I now feel better. Ok, here we go...Yesterday, I rolled up my sleeves and attempted to tackle the mess and chaos in my garage...... meaning the stuff going to the Hico Antique Market on Oct. 28th and 29th. My friend Carol and I will be doing the show for the second time and it's a great show, indeed!! After about 4 hours, my mission was accomplished, and I had sorted, tweeked, repaired, etc. my goods. Even took a few pics of my favorite things. Trust me, this is the tip of the iceberg. Hope you enjoy!!!
Metal mailbox unit with numbered doors. Love it!
More galvanized metal and more cubbies in this unique piece.
Beautiful....old....amd large suitcase. It even has exterior travel stickers to tell of its journeys.
Original linen lining with pockets. It's hard for me to let this beauty go!
Old feather pillows, anyone???Cute little ice cream parlor chair....
And some touches of blue , too!


Marion said...

Glad to see you back JoCarol. I have always enjoyed your blog. Marion

Brenda's Blog said...

JoCarol...seeing your blog is really getting me excited for Hico Fair!!! This will be my first year to attend so I am glad for a little pre-view!!! Thanks!
Can't wait...I will find you and introduce myself...looking forward to the fun!!! ;0)

Roxanne said...

Woohoo! I love the look your putting together for Hico! How big are the mail ciubbies and the thing in the 2nd pic(without doors)? You have the best eye Jo Carol! I will do my best to make Hico! In the mean while think of me while picking out your pumpkins and treasures at Aldersgate! BIG HUG!